At Montreux, the Jacques Haldy antique shop buys and sells your antiques.

Furniture, tables and lighting dating from the seventeenth to the early nineteenth century.

The renovation workshop refurbishes your antiques.

Renovation of wood, inlays and silverware.

Renovation of antiques

Jacques Haldy Antiquitésuses traditional practices to restore antiques.

The Montreux renovationworkshop can refurbish all your antique items.
The Jacques HaldyAntiquités cabinet makers repair antique objects using the traditional methodsof the time.
French polishing is atechnique dating from the eighteenth century. It can be used on all types of wood.
First, the wood is strippedand sanded. Varnish is thenapplied. The cabinet makers then polishthe restored item.
This process results inmuch better protection for the wood and the antique recovers its former lustreand colour.
The varnish is completelynatural and releases no harmful fumes.
Jacques Haldy Antiquitésalso specializes in buying and selling antiques...

The workshop restores:

  • All types of wood with French polish
  • Inlays
  • Gilt bronzes
  • Silverware

Means of payment

  • Credit Card - American Express
  • Credit Card - Diners Club
  • Credit Card - Eurocard / Mastercard
  • Credit Card - Visa
  • Debit Card - EC/Maestro
  • Debit Card - Postcard
  • Cash
  • Per invoice

Practical information

Avenue des Alpes 2 1820 Montreux
Grand-Rue 74 1820 Montreux